Maid Issues

Our New Helper

I’m back at work today after taking two days off to settle the maid issues. On Tuesday, we sent Niti (our ex-helper) to the airport. After that, we drove to Bishan to pick up our new helper, Pin.

Pin is also from Java, probably from the same village as Niti. Today is her third working day with us, well, what can I say about her? Errm…

On her first day, our little master Edison rejected her. He clings on to me like a koala, simply refuse to interact with Pin. As a result, I’ve to carry this 12kg boy all the time and I nearly break my back.

Yesterday is her first orientation and on-job-training day. We prepared a set of house rules and regulations for her (with translation in Malay Language). My husband took over this brainless job of explaining all the rules and regulations to Pin.

I handled the on-job-training. I taught her on the general housekeeping, how to prepare milk for Edison, feeding him, bathing him and patting him to sleep. She has two years of working experience as a maid in Surabaya, thus it isn’t that difficult for her to learn.

The main problem is her poor English proficiency. She has difficulty conversing with us in English. I try to communicate with her in Malay instead. Overall, I think she is still okay, although she is not as fast and as smart as Niti. I do believe she will be able to pick-up the language and her job within a month.

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