Resorts World Sentosa

Last weekend, we visited the newly opened Resorts World Sentosa. Universal Studios is not opened yet, and there is hardly anything ready for visitors except the casino.

The car park is huge and the parking charges are $7 for the first hour and $2 per hour thereafter, capped at a maximum of $20 per entry. Although the charges are not cheap, I still noticed a lot of Malaysia-registered cars there. I bet they must be rich – RM16.00 parking rate sounds insane to me.

The casino looks very oriental to me. Perhaps, it’s due to their CNY decorations. Needless to say, the crowd at the casino entrance was crazy. People dressed casually, clad in slippers and talks loudly were all over the place. Sigh; there is hardly any feeling of grandeur at all. We took a few pictures and quickly left the place.

Some parts of the Resorts World are still under construction. We walked around Festive Hotel and Hotel Michael. There is a fat Adam and Eve statue at the junction between these two hotels. Weird but cute. We visited the luxury boutiques connecting the hotels like Victoria’s Secret, Swaroski, Coach and many more.

There weren’t much food choices available yet. I can only see Chillies. As dinner time was approaching, the queue outside Chillies was quite long too. We went to HarbourFront for dinner instead.

We are waiting patiently for the grand opening of Universal Studios. I guess it’s going to be a cool place to visit when it is all ready. Can start to save money for the entrance fees =)


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