The Old vs. The New

For almost two years, I’ve never needed to fret about our household inventories and supplies. My ex-helper, Niti, managed the inventories and we never ran out-of-stock.

Niti will monitor the food supply like milk powder, cereal, biscuits, snacks, milo and yakult to toiletries like tooth paste, shower gel and supplements for Little Edison. Whenever the supplies run low at my MIL’s house, she will replenish with the stocks from our home. If there is a need to buy, she will remind us during our weekly grocery shopping.

She constantly checked our food supply in the fridge. If there is any food or drinks that are going to expire, she will nag remind us to consume them before their expiry dates. I’ve never seen any rotten apple in the fridge for two years.

I really had a hard time letting go an efficient and trustworthy helper like her. My husband asked me not to talk about Niti in front of Little Edison because he didn’t want him to think about her. But obviously, Little Edison has forgotten about Niti. I’m glad that he is unaffected by her departure.

It seems like I’m the only one having a difficult time adapting to the lost of an invaluable helper. Although she is not perfect and she annoyed me on several occasions, I’ve locked away those bad memories. I can only remember Niti as a pretty decent young girl who treats Little Edison like her own brother. No matter how tedious it was, she tried her best to feed him, pacify him and cheer him up whenever he was irritated.

Now, the fear that resides deep in my heart surfaces again when we make that decision to change our helper. Will our new helper, Pin, loves Little Edison as much as we do? And that she will not ill-treat Little Edison in any way? Honestly, I do not know. After one week of observation, she seems to be very patient with Little Edison. She can handle the most challenging task, which is to feed our fussy little master.

I’m very busy re-adjusting to a whole new situation with a new helper at home. I have to have faith in her. I hope Pin will prove to me that she is as capable as Niti.

Yes, she definitely will.


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4 thoughts on “The Old vs. The New

  1. Hi Emily,

    I can connect with you. I repatriated my previous maid as my mil couldn’t get along with her. It was a struggle and at that time, we were very much affected by the change. Darius (3 yrs old then)”rejected” the new maid and was constantly crying + avoiding the maid. she wasn’t patient with him and got the routine all messed up. We finally relented and opted for another maid. This time, he took it much better as they had better chemistry.

    Forming comparisions are inevitable. It takes a while for them to pick up new skills. If Edison has forgotten Niti and has shown no rejection towards Pin.. everything should be fine.

    Take care

    1. Hi Sam,
      I keep reminding myself to be more patient towards Pin and give her a chance to pick up new skills as she is also a first-timer. Most importantly, she must be patient and caring towards Edison, the rest are just secondary.

      If she can get along with my husband, who is really a tough nut to crack, I think she will be fine. Cos all of us in the family are very easy-going. Let’s see how is her progress.

  2. No worries, Da Sao.

    As the wise saying goes.. ???? , ?????.

    Remember how jittery was Channel 8 newscaster (Dong Su-Hua) like when she first read news on TV ? Today, her name is always announced during annual Star Awards.

    Ivy Lee was once blasted for her un-natural pronounciation of words and stiff acting. Today, she is one of the Ah-Jie(s) in Caldecott Hill Makeup / Wardrobe unit. Everyone respects her and all her prospective shows would earn an assurance of guaranteed viewership. (She has since left for HK)

    Pin will be able to learn the ropes.

    However, she needs time.

    Let’s look back after 3 mths.

    We’ll all be shocked by her impeccable improvement.

    She can do it.

    1. HE almost exploded last weekend as the helper showed him her ‘black face’ when he dragged her to the market. Now, the helper has a new nick – we call her Missy Snail… cos she eats like a Missy, and work like a snail… can take almost one hour to wash the dishes…. at times, she goes into auto-shutdown mode, I guess her processor is just too slow….

      Let us monitor her for another two months… if she still doesn’t perform, she has to go…

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