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I’m feeling troubled ever since I received that phone call three days ago. I know this day will come eventually, but I don’t expect it to come so soon. I try not to be emotional. As the saying goes, every meeting will end with parting. I just have to take it positively.

I can’t elaborate much today until this ‘issue’ is resolved next week. Sorry to keep you in suspense, I promise I’ll share with you once it is over.

I’m going to explode very soon but I can’t tell anyone about this. I’m feeling terribly guilty although it is not entirely my fault. There are so many decisions made that are beyond my control. Before I explode, I called my mother and we had a good half an hour chat through the phone.

The only person I can confide in is my dear mother. She understands what’s in my mind and she gives me valuable pointers on how to deal with it. She lifts my spirit instantly.

I need more strength. I hope these two weeks will be over very quickly. I look forward a peaceful and joyous Chinese New Year. T______T

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Hi Emily,
Do take care!

Godpa Kenneth

Hello Da Sao

From your blog, understand you’re feeling vexed and troubled.

In life, we are sometimes stranded in a cross road that requires us to make a decision.

We are feeling down because of this word called ‘uncertainty’.

Uncertainty is the fundamental of a problem. Once that uncertainty materialises, fear and troubles are gone.

Sometimes, hiccups and obstacles are there to make us stronger and resilient.

You are a woman of substance. I know you are !

Your post sounds so serious, so unlike your previous usual posts oozing with love and happiness. God bless you 🙂

Godpa Kenneth

Hi Da-Sao I think by the time you read this posting, you would most likely only be able to use past tense to make reference to our subject. I have been really busy with matters at work and have not been able to contribute my observations or give a share of my thoughts to you. I have just heard from Mummy that your helper is leaving. Yes, its Nitti. I have seen people from all walks of life. Seldom, I am wrong in my judgement. Nitti has been with the family for close to 2 years and have always been… Read more »

Godpa Kenneth

Hi Da Sao

Niti is an intelligent and capable girl.

If she was raised in Singapore, she would have been better accomplished.

The new maid, though slower and less proactive, is still marginally ok.

It looks like Niti has spoilt the market by setting a very high standard for the domestic helpers.