Being Gender Neutral

Daddy V was very free last night. He took his toy gun and eagerly wanted to teach Little Edison how to handle a gun. However, Little Edison showed no interest and he went to play with my Hello Kitty instead. Daddy V was shocked and he said absolutely no to Hello Kitty.

What do you think?

In my humble opinion, there is no gender specific toy. I will allow Little Edison to play with whatever he wants to play with, as long as the toys are safe. I always model a gender neutral behavior at home. I will never limit my child’s horizons simply because of our adult’s preconceived notions about what a boy or a girl should do.

Daddy V somewhat feels that I “feminize” our son by buying him softies and kitchen set. When I put on my make-up, Little Edison will stand next to me and observe how I do it. When I paint my toe nails, he proudly says his favorite color is purple. But it doesn’t alarm me though. It doesn’t mean that he will grow up to be a future fashion queen.

Little Edison likes to play with kitchen set than gun because he is more familiar with the kitchen utensils that are also available in our home kitchen. He develops interest towards Hello Kitty because of me – I’m a big fan of Hello Kitty! He also likes to play with toy cars and busses because he has seen them on the road. I spend a lot of time with him and I can understand him.

If your daughter likes to play with toy tool set, it doesn’t mean that she will go to engineering school when she grows up. If your son likes to dress-up, it doesn’t mean that he will go to fashion school either. Be fearless and encourage our child to follow his or her dream. Understand and accept our child’s desires, interests and dreams.

Well, I start to wonder… If Little Edison wants a Barbie doll in future, what will be Daddy V’s reaction? Ha! That’s a tricky one!

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