Conversation with the Teacher

I’m really looking forward to that one week term break in mid March. No more dragging Little Edison out of his bed, packing his stuff, rushing to school and trying to stay on top of school-related matters. I desperately need a break. And I really hate his school hours that start so early in the morning (at 8am). I wish it can be 8:30am or even 9am.

I received a surprise phone call from his form teacher yesterday. She gave me a quick update on Little Edison’s progress at school. Generally, he is doing alright at school despite the occasional tearful meltdowns in the morning when I leave him. However, there are several areas that I need to pay attention and the teacher discussed with me in details.

Some of the drawbacks of being an only child are apparent in his behavior at school such as; he is overly dependent on his teachers to do things for him, rather than trying to do on his own. I guess it’s because he is too used to having a helper at home who attends to him 24/7. He is also very fussy with food; he spits them out on the floor if he doesn’t like the food.

One issue that really took me by surprise is his lack of verbal communications with the teachers and classmates. The teacher pointed to me that he will express his happiness and anger by facial expressions, rather than verbal. On the contrary, he is quite talkative at home. He will repeat whatever we say and expand his own vocabulary. To us, he is a very cheerful and expressive little boy.

When she talked about toilet-training, it horrified me even more because we always thought that Little Edison is well-trained in this area. He will communicate with us whenever he wants to urinate. Apparently, the teacher is expecting more than that. She expects him to be able to pull his pants up and down with ease in the toilet when he wants to urinate. Can a 2.5 years old toddler do that? I wonder.

The teacher also wants us to put on underwear on Little Edison. This means that he has to pull down two pieces of clothing – pants and underwear altogether. Again, can a 2.5 years old toddler do that? It’s really a huge challenge for me to train him in this area. At home, we will do it for him. But now, it’s time to let him learn do all his ‘business’ on his own. Not forgetting, we also need to train him to wash his hands, dry them and flush the toilet after every ‘business’.

I started to doubt my parenting abilities after the conversation with his teacher. If the other children are so independent, why our Little Edison is lagging behind? Is it because we pamper him too much at home? I think we are too used to provide everything to him, rather than to let him do things on his own.

Seriously, I need to come up with an improvement plan very soon. This is going to be my homework this weekend.

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