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Edison – 2.5 years

“What is this? Can I use?” The curious cat asked.

Little Edison’s favorite thing to say is, “I don’t want!” and it really annoys me to the max. He doesn’t want to eat. He doesn’t want to go to school. He doesn’t want to listen to me and the list goes on. It has been a terrible month for me.

During the working hours, my office seems like an oasis of calm. After work, I face with uncontrolled chaos at home. The poor helper is struggling to run after Little Edison and to feed him. The worried mother-in-law is trying her best to persuade him to eat. On the contrary, I proceed with my dinner, watch TV and read the newspaper.

Truth be told, I’ve given up. If he refuses to eat, let him go hungry. It’s a simple equation: don’t eat equals to hungry, which I want him to fully understand. It’s sometimes crazy and frustrating dealing with his hunger strike. I hope that it’s just a common childhood phase and he will grow out of it very soon.

I noticed that he is fast in picking up words from us. When we are talking, he will listen and try to participate in our conversation. I keep reminding my hubby to be extra careful in his words now. The other day, when we were driving along KPE passing by the ERP gantry, he suddenly said “ERP! Chee-bye!” (note: this is vulgar words in Hokkien). I was shocked and at the same time, I wanted to laugh. It’s definitely something that he picked up from my hubby. I hope there is no other ‘Hokkien words’ in his vocabulary.

Whenever a mischievous twinkle sparkles in his eyes, he starts to do funny acts that really drive me up the wall. He threw two pieces of his kitchen toys from our window down to the garden on the first floor. Our unit is located on the 7th floor. He laughed and clapped his hands after he did that (???). I gave him a serious warning, but he didn’t seem to bother. Two days ago, I found two ten dollar notes in the dustbin in our bedroom. It must be him again. And not forgetting those marker drawings on our leather sofa which I’ve yet to clean.

My Little Edison – he brings ‘joy’ to my everyday life!

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