First Day of March

Today is the first day of another brand new month. Little Edison has been attending his pre-nursery class for two months. Initially, I wasn’t very keen on sending him to school until he turns three. But on the other hand, I felt that he needed more stimulation and interaction than we could provide at home.

The first two weeks were very stressful for all of us. Little Edison was crying badly at school. It was also a terrible heart-breaking moment for us every morning when I send him to school. My mind was full of uncertainties, I was contemplating whether to stop sending him to school but I persevere.

It has paid off finally. He is now comfortable at school; he starts to interact with other children and he is also doing much of his works by himself. We observed that he is slightly more independent now. He wears shoes and takes them off by himself. He carries his own bag and water bottle. He is learning to eat on his own too.

At school, the teacher commented that he likes outdoor activities very much. He will run and climb – up and down until he sweats out. The teacher will have to change his clothes after the outdoor activity. Every morning, the children will sit in the hall and they are taught about Jesus in a fun loving environment. Besides singing and story-telling, they do a lot of hands-on crafts too.

These are some of the hands-on crafts that our little boy did at school. Every piece of them is a gem to me.

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