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I love long hair that is sleek and straight. That’s the reason why I’ve been keeping my hair long since many years ago. The last time I cut it really short was in year 2003 (I think). I also permed my hair once and I regretted it because it was so damaging to my hair and the curls were difficult to maintain.

However, long straight hair also equals a lot of work. I have to blow dry after every hair wash. If I allow my hair to dry naturally, it will become unruly and fluffy. I hate the way it looks without blow-drying.

I have to spend 15 minutes every morning to blow-dry my hair, and I’m getting really tired of it. The only solution now is to rebond it. My hairstylist recommended the soft rebonding or cosmic straightening to straighten my hair. The end result is a naturally straight, soft and manageable hair. Unlike the traditional rebonding, the soft rebonding and cosmic straightening will not make the hair super super straight, flat and losing its volume.

Sounds good? Yeah! It will cost me $200+ and 5 hours in a chair though. I’m not so concerned about the cost because I feel that a perfect rebonding deserves every penny. It is lasting and non-damaging to the hair. However, I’m more concerned about the 5 hours! The process is really very long and tiring.

Looking at the big picture, I have to get it done this week. If I invest in these 5 hours, I will be able to save 15 minutes every morning – which is almost 2 hours/week and 8 hours/month. After all, I have a family and a toddler to take care, I have a career, I’m keeping a blog and I definitely need my hair to be “easy-to-maintain”.

Decision made today. I will be taking half day off this afternoon for this 5-hour project. Speeding off to my salon after lunch today. Tata!

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Hey, u shld share some pics of your silky smooth hair 🙂


Hi Emily!

Great job on your blog! It mustn’t be easy juggling a kid, work and maintaining a well-written blog at the same time.

I was surfing on the net for more relevant information about straightening when I stumbled onto your entry. Was wondering how did your straightening turn out since and how are the after effect months down the road. Is it dry and stiff like what Rebonding does or still as silky and natural lookin?

Looking forward to your reply! =)