Introducing: Lamkins

I made a mistake for shopping with Daddy V in Toys “R” Us last month. I ended up so frustrated that I felt like screaming. For every item that I wanted to buy, he gave me 101 reasons why I should not buy it. Waste money, expensive, wait for the sale, no discount, blah blah blah. Arghh, he is such a nag!

Despite my grumbling, I had no one else to blame for that wasted trip other than myself. I wanted so much to buy something for Little Edison, but at the end, I failed terribly.

Recently, I found my best friend on the internet. He is Lamkins – a local online store that sells toys from well-known brands such as Vtech, Fisher Price, Thomas & Friends and Leapfrog. They offer a wide range of educational products, fun toys and baby gears too. My favorite perk is that Lamkins provides free delivery for orders above $60 (for orders below $60, a minimal fee of $5 will be charged). Very reasonable.

I can view the various products with the flick of a finger; buy them in a matter of minutes and most importantly – without the nagging from Daddy V. The products will be delivered to my doorstep within 1 to 3 days. Payment can be made via credit card, internet transfer or simply cash-on-delivery. Ultimate convenience, I call it.

Lamkins really provides good service and prompt delivery. Do check them out, mommies!

This is Little Edison – getting all excited over his new Vtech Dora Laptop from Lamkins.

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Huey Ling

Tks for sharing. I also wanted to buy a labtop for George. Guess online shopping us my one and only option now. Difficult to go out to buy things now with 2 kids in tow.

I’ve bookmarked the website =)

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing! There is also another site! They are another good toys online store! =)