Beauty Me Time

Life’s Simple Pleasure

It has been crazy lately. Lots of things to do but only 24 hours in a day. Many activities have therefore taken a backseat. I really need to sit down and revisit my schedule again.

In the midst of this everyday madness, I had an unexpected oasis of calm last night. Little Edison has been active the whole day, and thus, he went to sleep a little early last night. I opened up the box of My Beauty Diary mask sheets (picture above) that my brother-in-law bought for me. It’s really very nice of him. (Thanks so much, Kenneth!)

My Beauty Diary mask is currently the best-selling mask sheets in Taiwan! It is endorsed by celebrities in Taiwan and its price is very affordable too. Their mask essence is extracted from natural ingredients which are formulated for different types of skins, particularly on Asian skins.

Its name is very unique too. I wonder why it’s called a “beauty diary”. Could it be because it has a variety of fragrances, ingredients and effects that allow us to choose based on our various moods and needs on different days? We can write on our beauty diary and see the results of healthier skin day by day.

Whatever it is, I wanted to give it a try. I washed my face and applied the mask on my face. I laid down on my bed with my face up. For a blissful twenty minutes, I was suspended in a world of my own. It was absolutely relaxing! Such simple pleasures in life are just too few. I started to think, if there is anything that I miss in my life now, it will be moments like this – the moments with myself.

I woke up twenty minutes later to remove the mask. I feel energized and calm. I prefer My Beauty Diary mask sheets than The Face Shop. Reasons – the mask essence is thicker in My Beauty Diary, thus it doesn’t flow beneath the neckline AND the essence will not make the skin sticky after the application. I was so impressed by this product.


In a day when I feel particularly busy, I will find a way to engage in a simple pleasure that brings me joy, just like this. So readers, what simple pleasure brings you joy most? I love to hear them.

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Godpa Kenneth

Hi Da-Sao Am glad you like it ! Was shopping with Lisa in Marina Square when I saw a pack of dignified ladies crowding Watsons. For a minute, I thought perhaps La Mer was being introduced and marketed in Watsons. It was only when we dived to take a closer look then we discovered the syllabus of curiosity that almost caused a stir in Marina Square on a Saturday night! Little boxes with chinese characters shouting the wide arrays of paper-sheet masks soaked in various naturally-derived floral and fauna essences, packed in neatly folded boxes waiting for people with various… Read more »