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Mozzie: Buzz Off!

When I reached home yesterday, I was greeted by more than ten mosquito bites on Little Edison’s feet and I was terribly mad. Daddy V fetched Little Edison from school and he discovered six of them. Without hesitation, he quickly raised the issue to the teacher’s attention.

What about the other four or more bites? They looked fresh to me, perhaps from the garden. I questioned my blur helper. As expected, she couldn’t give me a definite answer. I was mad again.

I guess Little Edison must be very tasty. Those nasty mosquitoes must have treated him like a buffet – bite for free! Damn it. The weather has been rainy these days; mosquitoes breed so quickly and easily during rainy season.

I’m all out in the battle against the mosquitoes. We will apply Hansaplast insect repellent on his body, hands and legs before school, after school, after shower and before bedtime. At home, we will switch on the Mortein electric mosquito repellent 24/7. If all these are still not effective, the last resort will be sticking an anti-mosquito patch on him.

The helper will be tasked to ensure no standing water to accumulate for more than two days in the garden. Common areas must be checked daily to prevent collecting water and to get rid of mosquitoes’ breeding grounds.

I may sound a bit paranoid, but I simply couldn’t tolerate these mozzie bites that are causing so much discomfort to Little Edison.

I don’t want to see any fresh mozzie bites on Little Edison tonight!

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hi, u r definately not paraniod.
i can’t stand bites on my kid too, not even 1.
hate it when they got bitten.
hope there are no more bites on your little one, FOREVER.


i know what you mean. have to take more precautions esp the dengue is back with the hot weather.