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My Ticket to Good Health

One of the best ways to feel good about myself is to maintain an optimal health by eating healthily and incorporating all the essential vitamins and minerals in my diet.

As a woman enters her 30s, it is important for her to begin thinking about her future health and her current health during the 30s especially if she is planning to have children. I wish I’ve heard of this advice when I was younger. But again, it’s never too late to work towards the optimal health now.

As a matter of fact, a good nutritional intake is always a better option than taking health supplements. However, a healthy meal just doesn’t happen all the time. We spend long hours at work, we have family commitments and other activities that keep us busy. Thus, we often end up with unhealthy fast foods.

I started taking these three health supplements or tonics to optimize my health now.


This health tonic can relieves fatigue, strengthen physical power, treats chilliness of hands and feet caused by air-conditioners and improves blood circulation. Just a 20ml before bed time.

GNC Women’s Ultra Mega Dietary Supplement

A multivitamin-mineral specially formulated to meet women’s nutritional needs. Its timed-release tablets provide gradual release of vital nutrients for optimal nutrient uptake over hours. Two tablets to be taken after breakfast.

Chicken Essence

The nutritious and all-natural tonic trusted by generations for its goodness. One bottle a week is just perfect for me.

Mommies, are you taking these health supplements too?

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