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No Monday Blues

Monday. It’s a part of the week which is most difficult to start with and we all know that (unless you are one of the blessed-few who doesn’t have to work). It’s the beginning of a long and hardworking week.

The Monday morning blues can be hard to beat, but surprisingly, I ain’t feeling any blues today. I was beaming with joy when I woke up this morning. Feeling fresh as ever, after a good night’s sleep.

It’s the start of the March school holidays. Yay! I can wake up slightly later in the morning as I don’t have to send Little Edison to school. Little Edison is a happy boy too; he can laze in bed till lunch time!

Before the holiday starts, I managed to pick up some good reads for Little Edison. These are some of the books that I picked up from the Scholastic Book Club (through his kindergarten). Simple short stories. Great illustrations. Perfect for the young readers.

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