Maid Issues

One Month Update

It has been a month since our new helper, Pin, came on-board. She has been a great help for the past one month, despite constant rejection from our little master Edison.

She does the general house chores fairly well. She has a lot of patience dealing with Little Edison’s tantrums, which is obviously one of her strengths. She is willing to work hard and I can see the amount of efforts she put in her works. Cooking is a whole lot easier too, as she can help out in the food preparation and cleaning-up after the process. Overall, her work performance is still satisfactory.

One of her weakness is her poor command of English. She has difficulties understanding our instructions at times. Thus, we have to talk to her slowly to make sure she understands. In terms of speed and alertness, she is not as good as our ex-helper, Niti. Nonetheless, given time and more training, we believe she will gradually improve in these areas.

I really appreciate having a helper at home to ease my burden. I simply cannot imagine my life without them – I may have to scrub the toilet, mop the floor, do the laundries, wash the dishes and take care of Little Edison all by myself. That is why I’m always concerned about the well-being of my helper.

I’m careful to make sure that she feels alright at home and she has sufficient food to eat. I talk to her occasionally and try to understand if there are any difficulties that she is facing at work. Most importantly, I always make sure that she has enough rest and in good health.

Everything has been manageable so far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things will continue to work well and that we don’t suffer from any of the domestic helper dramas.

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