Beauty Find: Vitacreme B12

Special thanks to SY for recommending this highly raved face cream in her blog recently. This face cream is called Vitacreme B12; it’s a product formulated in Switzerland and it has been raved in various Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese magazines. It gained popularity in 2007 when a Japanese celebrity featured it in her book, admitting that it’s her secret weapon for having young and beautiful skin.

SY also suggested that I can find this product from the oversea spree in SMH forum. I managed to find the spree organizer, who purchases this cream direct from UK at a price of $42.70 (including shipping). I couldn’t believe that the price is so affordable. However, I was a little late. The spree was closed by the time I saw it. Anyway, I sent an e-mail to her to try my luck. I was holding my breath and hoping that she’ll reply to me that she has excess stocks.

Much to my surprise, she really had an extra tube and she was willing to sell it to me. Without hesitation, I quickly transferred $42.70 into her bank account. One week later, Daddy V picked up a nicely-packed package in the postbox for me. I darted a glance at it, and it was my Vitacreme B12! I was overly-excited as I didn’t expect it to arrive so soon.

If you are wondering what the hype is about, let me furnish you with more information about this beauty cream –

It helps to regenerate, nourish and moisture skin tissues with its deep penetration capability. The benefits of this cream are as follow:

1. Stimulates renewal of skin cells

2. Hydrates and Softens skin tissues

3. Regains and Improves elasticity and firmness

4. Diminishes age lines and existing wrinkles

5. Helps to prevent premature wrinkles

6. Repairs and Rebalances the skin’s natural defense system

7. Relieves and Soothes chapped skin

8. Smoothes or Attenuates new or old scars

Sounds too good to be true but hey, it really worth a try since it is so inexpensive. This cream is recommended to be used as a night cream, but it may also be used as a day cream or make-up base.

I just started using this cream so I haven’t seen any significant results yet. The texture of this cream is very light and not oily at all. It has a light floral scent but I’m not too fond of its smell. I use it as my night cream, replacing my SK-II skin refining treatment. I apply it after my toner and SK-II facial treatment essence. I love the feeling after I wash my face the next morning, my pores appear smaller and my face is well moisturized.

For mothers who have your hands full looking after your kids, this is the perfect all-in-one cream that you can try. You can save lots of time by skipping your essence, serum, moisturizer and make-up base as this cream does them all.

Sshhhh, let me tell you a secret. This spree organizer (nick: Chubby Jan) in SMH forum may be ordering this cream again. Please check out her BP here.

More information available at these websites:

Vitacreme B12 official website – you can read about the product reviews here. It is rated as a 5-star product!


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Thanks for the link… Hee, I wanna get 1 to try too!


I am interested to get one.. How’s the effect on you? Good?


Hi Babe,

You can get it from (AUD29), (HKD 98)…. Much cheaper than

I just ordered my first tube to try!

wow sounds too good to be true really amazing. hehehe.. i m adding this to my KIV list now
thanks for the review