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Last week, Daddy V and I were discussing which compact point-and-shoot camera to buy. Our current camera is a Nikon COOLPIX and it has been serving us well for the past three years. This camera was a year-end gift from my company back in year 2007.

We checked out the latest compact digital cameras on the newspapers. In fact, finding the best compact camera isn’t difficult at all. Information is available everywhere on the internet. It’s finding the best camera that suits our needs and budget, that is.

We asked ourselves, “What kind of photographer are we?” We are still basically at the point and shoot level, which literally means pointing at the object, taking the shot and letting the camera do the rest. As a casual photographer, we would need a camera that is neither too complicated nor too simple that the quality of the picture is mediocre.

I need a compact camera that I can easily slip into my handbag. Size does matters because I bring it everywhere I go to capture pictures of Little Edison in impromptu moments. I warned Daddy V not to buy a DSLR as we are both not an expert in photography. I certainly don’t want to end up carrying the bulky gear around and reading lots of manual at home.

I wanted to buy the Canon Powershot S90 after reading good reviews about it on some blogs. This camera has control rings encircling the lens that allow adjustments to photo aperture, shutter-speed, subject focus, zoom and white balance. The biggest attraction to me is its wide array of shooting modes. The photo quality, as seen on the blogs, is superb too. The only downside is its rather dull and uninspired look. How I wish it is pink! =)

On the other hand, Daddy V is interested in the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35. This 12.1 megapixel camera features an 18x optical zoom, digital image stabilization, 24 scene settings and multiple ISO settings. Its price has recently dropped from $700+ to $500+. The features are really hard to beat for this price. The image quality of this mega-zoom camera is good most of the time. The ISO setting ranges from 80 to 6400 making it possible to take quality photos in low-light settings.

His department uses this camera to take pictures of defective parts in the production. He said that this camera can sustain daily rough handling from the technicians and still works well; it must be a really good camera. Well, it’s not a strong point, but it’s still valid. The only downside is that it is more bulky than Canon S90.

We went to Bargain City and Harvey Norman to check on these cameras. Surprisingly, both of the salesperson that we talked to would prefer Panasonic Lumix FZ35 over Canon S90. One of them recommended to us the big brother of all compact digital cameras, which is the Canon G11. It offers durability and great image capturing ability without the bulk. We tested the camera, it is indeed amazing. Its retail price is $869.

I’m also tempted to buy a Canon Selphy compact photo printer. If we get the FZ35, we still have a little budget for the photo printer. If we are going for the G11, we may have to forgo the printer.

Well, it’s a tough decision to make.

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Emily, I wasn’t into dslr too, thinking who would want to forego the beauty of a compact digital cam for a bulky item. Having read some mothering blogs and seen some awesome pics, I’m beginning to wonder if I too should make such a switch hehe. My 2 cents worth =)


Hi Emily,

G11 is a good trade off between quality and size. I hv the older version G10,
serving me well for months nw. Of cos it can’t beat dslr in terms of quality but it’s
much much better than a point n shoot.
The feature i like best about G11 is the flipping LCD screen. Makes self portrait a breeze.
Cos u can see n shoot… Imagine u r out alone with Edison, u will be awed by this feature.


Hi Emily,

try Cathay at peninsula plaza… My ex colleague got it for 795 and it comes with 2x 8 GB SD card.

I would go for G11 or DSLR 🙂 Its quite frustrating if getting another compact that gives the same effect (or slightly better) than what you are having ….

I have both compact and DSLR, for now i’ll forgo my DSLR – reason being, with a young toddler who LOVES to walk all day, loading a DSLR around don make sense for me. haha

Getting a photo printer is good! go for one. Mine’s canon selphy. I can print out photos as and when I want to do scrapbooking etc. =)

Get it then!! worth the $ spent =)