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Little Edison came back from school last Friday with a low-grade fever. After taking paracetamol, his fever subsided in the evening. Over the weekend, the fever still lingers and he started to have runny nose and cough.

On Monday, we brought him to his pediatrician – Dr. Oh Meng Choo of Kids Clinic at Bishan. He has bacterial infection that is causing slight inflammation in his throat. Luckily, there is no ulcer and it is not HFMD. He requires treatment with antibiotics for one week. Dr. Oh assured us that the fever should subside by Thursday after taking the antibiotics.

As expected, a child who is running a temperature will not have much appetite. I believe his throat hurts when he is swallowing, and thus, he refuses to eat. His runny nose and cough make him restless and tired. We try to feed him with small meals interspersed with nourishing liquids. He needs to drink plenty of water to keep him hydrated.

Last night, he couldn’t sleep well and so was I. When I stepped out of my shower, I saw Little Edison crying on the floor. He was screaming, throwing temper and shouting “go away”. I saw Daddy V seated on the floor and praying with his mini Buddha. He claimed that some supernatural thing was disturbing Little Edison. The stupid helper was scared and went hiding behind the door.

I was mad. I don’t believe in anything supernatural. I took my godsend tool and Little Edison stopped crying. Guess what it is.






It is his pacifier! Mommy wins!

I pat him to sleep after that. It was raining with thunder. Little Edison was scared as he saw the thunder from the window pane, he held my hands tight and he couldn’t sleep. At the end, I moved the mattress to the living hall and both of us slept in the hall last night.

I couldn’t sleep well too. I’m having my third cup of coffee now as I’m writing this entry during my lunch hour.

I wish it is 6pm now – I want to go home and zzz.


A few readers e-mailed me to enquire about the operating hours of Dr. Oh’s clinic. I apologize for not responding to you as I was unsure. I got her business card now with the operating hours printed on it. This is her clinic address, contact number and operating hours:

Dr. Oh Meng Choo

Kids Clinic @ Bishan

Blk 116 Bishan Street 12 #01-28

Singapore 570116.

Tel: 6356 8909

Operating hours:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 1pm

Mon, Wed, Fri: 7pm – 9pm

Closed on all afternoons, Sundays and Public Holidays.

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