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Children’s clothing is every mother’s favorite thing to buy. I admit – as soon as I found out the gender of Little Edison during my ultrasound scan, I immediately bought some cute little blue and white outfits for him. I can never resist buying these stylish clothes in oh-so-cute small sizes.

There is a multitude of children’s clothing in the market. As a parent, what quality do you usually look out for when you are shopping for clothes for your little ones? Is it the price, material, durability, design, the brand or something else? Most of the time, I will choose cotton clothing mainly because it is soft and comfortable. My priorities will be the material, comfort level, design and finally the price.

One of the brands that I particularly adore is Gymboree. It is a pity that it is not available in Singapore. I buy them from oversea sprees in the forum. I like Gymboree clothings because of its fun mix and match sets. Basically, the clothings are launched in different themes (or collections). Items from the same collection are coordinated from head to toe to make an adorable outfit. We can get the little pieces like socks, rompers, pants and sweaters to match certain clothings easily.

When we make purchase at a certain designated time, we can earn Gymbucks based on how much we spend. We can use these Gymbucks during the redemption period to buy items at half-price. The shipping has been reasonably fast so far.

These are some of the items I picked up for Little Edison recently. Seriously, if I have a girl, I will be even crazier about Gymboree. Look at their pink tops, dresses and accessories! I’m so in love with them!

Pictures from Gymboree

14 thoughts on “Gymboree Clothings

  1. Hi, Just to check with u, i joined one of the spree from one of the mummy on gymboree spree, they are trying to redeem gymbucks from their previous purchase (which i did not join) so i just join this round. but after the purchase, the mummy charges me 30 over dollare on the vpost delivery whereas other mummy she charge about 4 plus per item, i have 7 items (most).. i try to ask her via email, but she refused to reply me since last week, feel so pissed off , is she trying to earn money from the delivery or something. make me hesitated to buy from such spree again, i bought some hair pin, shocks also, which if based on her charges, each of is will cost me SG12 , which is sosos ex .. feel so stupid lor..why got such people around, she still in forum but she just refuse to reply my mail. u think should i send my question to her in forum ? i just dun want to tarnish her reputation nia..

    1. Hi Mico,
      The Vpost shipping cost is divided among the spreeists either by the total weight or total value of the items purchased. From my past experience, the spree organizer will publish the table on how the shipping cost is calculated for each spreeist. If you have doubt, you should always clarify with her. If she doesn’t respond to your e-mail, you can post your question on the thread. She will definitely reply.

      I joined sprees organised by JXMUM a few times – usually Gymboree spree. So far, I haven’t encounter any extraordinary high shipping cost. And for your info, the Gymbucks is used to offset the purchase amount. It should not affect the shipping cost. Meaning – all the spreeists should pay the same shipping rate, irregardless of their gymbucks amount.

      Hope you can clarify with her soon.

  2. Emily,

    Funny thing is, she replied me.. right after i wrote to u.. haa. she said vpost charged more in the purchase total weight.. which is funny, she said instead of 4.3kg they charged 11kg.. anyway, i wont buy from her anymore.. cant trust.

    1. Hi Mico,
      Care to share with us the name of the organizer, so that we can all ‘siam’ her? Hehehe! Anyway, it’s her responsibility to check with VPost on the inaccurate shipping charges due to error in total weight.

  3. she is one of the mummy in forum, she used to organised for gaps/gymboree out of good will la for Feb 10 mummies. but sudden increase of vpost charges ( she said this will be her last time organising as she is busy) , maybe she want to earn something this time lor.. and so unlucky i join the spree this round. blame on my luck !

  4. 🙂 think if we can come up with a group of people we know, we can order together and share by ourselves instead of going thru people we dont know.

    sometimes its not about tarnish her reputation, but as a buyer we have the rights to request for the actual invoice. Thats the purpose of overseas spree isnt it..

    i dont mind to organise some sprees on our own provided we have few numbers of people to share the shipping cost :)..

    1. Hi Yoki,
      Thanks for your offer. I’m not familiar with the VPost or Comgateway shipping. Thus, I don’t dare to organise any spree. Don’t want to be caught in a difficult situation where shipping cost is too high, missing shipment etc. I rather “tumpang” other mommies who organise the spree.

      Hi Mico,
      If you are staying at North East, you can join spree by JXMUM. She stays at Punggol – a very efficient and responsible spree organizer.

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