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Home Trip in May

This picture was taken one year ago during my last home trip. Phew, how time flies!

In this picture, it’s my dad with his three precious grandchildren – Jaerone, Jaynie and Edison. I edited this picture with Picasa using the Focal B&W effect. Only the kiddos appear in colors, the background is changed to black and white. It gives me a different perspective when I look at it now. =)

I absolutely adore the tops that they are wearing in this picture. The colors are bright and they complement each other. My sister bought them – the yellow Big Bird for Jaerone, the red Elmo for Jaynie and the blue Cookie Monster for Edison.

Two weeks later, we will be making our home trip to Ipoh, Malaysia. This time, we will be taking a direct flight from Singapore to Ipoh. It’s really a good thing to have a direct flight from SIN – IPH finally (after such a long wait). The flight is 1.5 hours as compared to the conventional 8 hours journey by bus.

I miss everyone at home sooOoo much.

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Hey, good try on the photo! Having it editied really gives a very differnt ‘feel’ rit? =)

Ipoh.. lots of yummy food! Have a great trip and of cos to share with us with Lots of photos!