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This is another blog entry about online shopping. I’m having so much fun with online shopping recently. For busy mothers like us, shopping away with a click of a mouse is often much more attractive than going out to the mall with our toddlers in tow.

I get very excited when I open my mailbox and see a little crumpled package waiting for me to collect. It’s that sudden feeling of anticipation and excitement when I grab it, run upstairs, tear the wrapper apart and discover the contents in it. That’s what online shopping does for me!

Picture from Sunnanz

I talked about the famous My Beauty Diary masks last week. I found a local online store that sells these masks at very competitive prices. It is Sunnanz, owned by Shiwei and Christina. Their products are imported from Taiwan and Korea. In addition to My Beauty Diary (MBD) masks, Korean skincare products, cosmetics, slimming products and bags are also available at Sunnanz.

We can pre-order overseas retail products and have them delivered to our home using Sunnanz delivery service. For ready-stocks, the products will be mailed out daily with free normal postage. Much to my surprise, they can even arrange meet-up at Pasir Ris MRT which I think is very good for bulky or delicate products.

I ordered 20pcs of MBD masks from Sunnanz last week, and I received them within the next two days. I was amazed by the neat packaging when I received the package. The masks were wrapped in bubble wraps and packed in a thick large envelope for extra protection.


Sunnanz – it’s really my right choice!

More information relating to MBD masks:

I’ve seen a lot of online sprees selling MBD masks. Please beware of imitations. This writer has a very good write-up about the comparison between authentic and imitation MBD masks. Click HERE to find out.

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