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Morning Walks

Lately, the weather has been cold, windy and rainy. We often find ourselves stuck indoor due to the wet weather. I hate to go out when it rains but Little Edison tends to get a bit restless when he hasn’t had a walk.

When the rain stopped, he pulled my hand and said “Mommy, no more rain. Let’s go down.” He simply couldn’t wait. I pushed him on his tricycle around the garden and playground.

 By the way, this tricycle has been ‘untouched’ for a few months at his grandparents’ home. I thought he doesn’t like it anymore, so I brought it back to our home. Our helper cleaned it and put it nicely in our store. Somehow, he develops interest in it again after the location change.

While we were taking a stroll in the garden, we stumbled upon a terrapin among the plants. Little Edison was excited and he wanted to bring the little crawly home. “Sorry boy, no crawly creatures at our home.” I’ve to disappoint him as I really dislike keeping pets at home. Be it big or small.

I really hate the color tone of the pictures taken with my stupid camera phone. It’s time to change perhaps.

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