About Edison

My Little Boy

I sent Little Edison to school this morning. In the car, we had a little conversation about his school. I asked him whether he likes his friends and he said “yes”. I talked about the paintings that he did at school, and he said “paint red and blue”.

And I asked him whether he likes the food at school, and he replied “spit into the dustbin!” Ok, I got the message that he doesn’t really like the food there.

We reached the school slightly early today. We walked up the stairs together, hand-in-hand, and we counted the steps as we walked. After having his temperature taken at the entrance, we walked to his classroom and dropped off his bag.

He gave his teacher a cheery hello. Then, I said goodbye to my little baby and kissed him before I left. He waved goodbye to me and he smiled. I guess he wanted to tell me that he will take care of himself at school. I can read his message from his gestures.

He walked to the lift, leading to the hall on second floor, with his teacher and friends. At that instance, somehow, I realized that my little baby has grown up so much. I can still remember him as a baby (and his yucky milky smell!) and he is now a wonderful little boy who still thinks that Dora is a boy.

I remind myself everyday to cherish every moment with him. Because kids, they really grow up so fast before we realize it.

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