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Watching BabyTV

Have you ever looked at a 2-year-old watching TV? His eyes gazing attentively at the screen, with his jaw slack, his head slightly tilted and his face full of expressions. It’s just too cute.

I blogged about BabyTV a few months ago. Little Edison is still a very big fan of BabyTV. We have the whole set of about 12 DVDs at home. BabyTV is one of the programs that I allow him to watch at home for its various educational values.

This program has somehow become my part-time babysitter. During the weekends, Little Edison doesn’t go to his grandparents’ home. He will stay at home with me. When I need to steal some time to do my own work and our helper is busy cleaning the house, he will indulge in BabyTV.

Each DVD lasts for about 40 minutes. I rush to finish my work within this duration. One of his favorite characters in this program is Oliver – the monkey (in picture). Whenever he sees Oliver on the TV, he will tell me what Oliver is doing –

“Mommy, Oliver eats ice-cream.”

“Mommy, Oliver drinks orange juice.”

I’d be like “Oh yeah, that’s Oliver? Do you like Oliver?”

Sometimes, I will watch the program with Little Edison too. I enjoy it as much as he does.

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