Cameron Highlands

During my home trip two weeks ago, I managed to organize a 2D/1N family trip to Cameron Highlands with my parents, my siblings and their spouses as well as my niece and nephew.

Cameron Highlands is one of the largest highland resorts in Malaysia. With a refreshing temperate climate, it has a wealth of wonderful sights and lush sceneries that includes boundless tea plantations, butterfly farms, strawberry parks, vegetable farms, resorts, golf club and jungle trails for the nature-lovers.

We drove from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands in two cars. It was a great escape from the hot weather in Ipoh. The journey is about 1.5 hours. My sister rented an apartment for us to stay overnight. We had an amazing BBQ dinner at the balcony.

Here are some of the pictures to share with you:

Apartment that we stayed at – with four bedrooms with king-size beds and balcony equipped with BBQ set.

Little Edison with his cousins – Jaynie (center) and Jaerone (right)

I was showing Little Edison how to blow BIG bubbles

Boh Tea Center at Sg Palas Cameron Highlands

Weekend market where you can find lots of local fruits, flowers, souvenirs and food. It was quite dirty and wet, that is why our Little Edison refused to walk.

One of the stall in the market that sells everything strawberry

Flowers are always beautiful in Cameron Highlands


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Huey Ling

Hi Bee Bee,
How much does the apartment cost? Is it clean? Is it baby n toddler friendly? Thought of going to cameron for a long long time. Need to start to plan liao. Btw, yr nephew big size fella. 🙂


nice place. i love the coolness there.. im sure Addison loves it too 🙂 but hey, how come he is still on pacifier ?? haaaa..

Huey Ling

yup. my mum told me abt the mosquitoes there too! guess this is also a great concern to me and which is why im still holding back this plan.
Can tell yr nephew is a “Heavy” weight boy! 😛


Wow Emily!! Finally get to see your family pics! I bet it must be an enjoyable trip for you.

Waiting to see more pictures for your trip!

Huey Ling

Haha.. Genting just went last Dec. Should not be gg back so soon.
Maybe I would plan to go Sentosa instead. 😛

The heat here is really making us unbearable!

And the hubby has been talking for the longest time to go for a family trip, which I’ve been pushing back. you know la, we typical mommies have to take into consideration of baby-friendly places, any cooking area for us blah blah blah..

I like the coolness in cameron highlands, but the travelling is one big hump for me to get over with haha.

Seeing your pics and post really makes me want to go for it. ;p