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Dim Sum Delights in Ipoh

Ipoh has always been touted as one of the best destination for a sumptuous, mouth-watering and reasonably-priced dim sum. It has been a family favorite for years in my family. I just can’t get enough of it every time I return to Ipoh.

The main dim sum restaurants in Ipoh are Foh San, Ming Court and Yoke Fook Moon. The best thing is they are all located along the same street. If one of them is fully-packed, you can conveniently walk to your next choice.

However, all these restaurants are mostly packed even on weekday mornings. You can forget about eating there on weekend mornings, unless you have excellent table-hogging skills. Sorry but tissue paper is not recognized here (unlike Singapore).

We usually dine-in late morning for brunch. The crowd is lesser but some of the popular dishes maybe sold out.

I visited the brand new premise of Foh San Restaurant last week. Foh San has been in Ipoh for a good 37 years. Last year, they opened a new restaurant that spreads over two floors with special function room on the third floor. The ambience is really good and welcoming. The dim sum is still as yummy as before.

This is Foh San Restaurant 30+ years ago.

And this is their new outlet at 51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam, Ipoh.

Some of our favorite dishes – (from top left) fish balls, char siew pau, har gao (shrimp dumplings), chee cheong fun, chicken feet, egg tarts, fried carrot cake, siu mai and fried yam.

Yum, I can never get enough of them!

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Godpa Kenneth

Wow… indeed.. mouth watering.

The dim sum in Noble House or Lei Garden in Singapore cannot hold a candle to those at Ipoh.

Am sure Da Sao must be drooling whilst composing and fixing up the pictures.

What caught my attention?

The neatly-quartered flaky egg tarts triggered my salivary glands to drool.