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Marriage is Like a Car

I saw this comment from my friend, Florence, in Facebook and it makes me think about my marriage.

Quoted from Florence, “A marriage is like a car, it needs maintenance and servicing for the car to last! Just that you can’t change partners every 3 years.” The last sentence is pretty amusing.

Anyway, what Florence said is so true. Marriage life is often dominated by the daily grind and hustle and bustle of work, financial issues, children and household chores. The romance seems to have lost somewhere in the hectic pace. How can we keep our marriage healthy, happy and still have some sparks flying around?

I’ve been married to V for four years now. We’re still full of happiness. We have our delicious home-cooked food, mini projects at home, holiday plans, savings plans, daily rants as well as laughter, strong support for each other and random jokes from V. I can still describe my marriage life as happy and healthy, although there aren’t much sparks as compared to our younger days.

In general, V and I are very different in terms of temperaments and personalities. We’re not always aligned too. We do argue when there is a difference in opinion, but we don’t fight. We remain silent and stop talking to each other for a while after every argument. But eventually, one or both of us will give in and make up. Most importantly, we forgive and we forget.

I guess marriage life with young children can be enjoyable and satisfying too, as long as we can find ways to connect to each other on a regular basis. Do you agree?

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