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OurLittleSmarties is featured as one of the mommy’s blogs in Mother and Baby magazine this month. Have you gotten your copy of the magazine? This is a snapshot of it.

There is a growing community of blogging moms in Singapore. From stay-at-home moms to corporate moms, geeky moms, shopping moms, pretty moms and even rock-star moms, you name it, the internet has it.

So, what these mommy’s blogs are all about? Some moms blog about their careers, businesses and how they balance their work and family life. Some of them talk about cookings and sharing their favorite recipes. There are also moms who blog about their motherhood experiences and provide tips to mothers-to-be.

Some blogs read like a diary entries, news story, recipe book or motherhood journal. Some of them may even sound like a frustrated housewives’ rant. It really depends on how you classified them. Despite the differences, there is always one similarity I can find in these blogs. That’s the amazing, exciting, eventful, exhilarating and satisfying job of being a mom!

The daily tasks and adventures of the little ones, so many growing-up stories to tell, happy and not-so-happy memories to share – all of us want to blog about it! Last year, I wrote about the reasons that motivate me to blog. Today, I’m still very motivated to capture my son’s childhood and my motherhood experiences in my blog. I hope to be able to maintain this blog as long as I can.

If you are keen to set-up your own blog but you’re clueless on how to start, pick up a copy of Mother and Baby magazine May 2010 issue. There is a very good write-up on how to set-up your own blog. Quick and easy. Let’s blog on, sisters!

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