Navy Open House 2010

It was the Singapore Navy Open House last weekend. Admission is free. We drove to Singapore Expo and parked our car there. From Singapore Expo Hall 1, we took a shuttle bus to Changi Naval Base for the event. Vehicles are not allowed to be driven to Changi Naval Base. Thus, the only option is to take the shuttle bus provided.

There are lots of exciting activities for the families – duck tours, bungee jumps, family and fun tents, giant inflatables for the children as well as stage performances. For the adventurers like Daddy V, they can get up close and personal with warships, missiles, submarines and torpedoes. There are also ship cruise, naval sea display and ship visit.

Daddy V, being an ex-RSAF personnel, is always very interested in military stuffs and he is hopeful that Little Edison will share his interests too. But, apparently, he is NOT.

The weather was so warm. Just like me, Little Edison hates basking in the hot sun. After spending the first hour at the event, he started to behave abnormally. He insisted me to carry him around. When Daddy V and our helper offered to carry him, he rejected both of them. At the end, I carried him and walked for more than 2km, under the hot sun and in the big crowd!

Phew, it was certainly the most hectic exercise I’ve ever did for the past three years! By the time we reached Singapore Expo, Little Edison was all wiped out and he fell asleep.

Here are some of the pictures taken by Daddy V, using his new camera – a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35.

P1000163Ship visit for the adventurers


P1000171Coast guard helicopter, it is called Super Puma (if I’m not wrong)


Two big ships

Little Edison enjoying his ice-cream!

Yum! Can I have one more?

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