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We’re Back!

Hi everyone, we’re back from our one-week home trip to Ipoh.

It has been an immensely fun trip with lots of great food, shopping and sightseeing. Little Edison certainly had a great time playing with his two cousins. I was delighted to meet my parents and siblings again.

Right now, I’m physically exhausted! We reached Singapore at 4:30pm yesterday. We took a quick break at home before setting out for dinner with my PIL. By the time we reached home, it was almost 9pm. I switched on my laptop and downloaded over 3000+ e-mails, while Daddy V unpacked his luggage. By the time I cleared all my e-mails, it was past midnight. I crashed into bed with my luggage still lying in the living hall. Argh, I hate the unpacking process but I just have to do it tonight.

Anyway, I do have lots of pictures and stories to blog about. Hopefully from tomorrow onwards, I’ll be able to upload more pictures.

Stay tuned!

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