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I’m a late comer to this driving thing. Being a newbie driver, I still signal at every lane change and turns, check my blind spots and obey all the traffic rules. However, there is still one thing that I don’t do well – that is parking! I’ll run-away at the sight of a parallel parking. Even for vertical parking, I need to make 2 or 3 adjustments before I can park my car straight and in the middle of the lot.

I used to be a very ‘public-transport’ person until I bought a car half a year ago. Public transportation is so convenient and affordable in Singapore. With the ERP, COE, road tax, insurance, parking and fuel prices, it is certainly not worth it to own a car in Singapore. Furthermore, Daddy V has a car and he will ferry us around during the weekend. I’m happy with taking a bus to work.

But the situation has changed half a year ago. Little Edison was going to start his pre-school. Daddy V works on irregular hours, and thus, he is unable to send him to school in the morning. Can I handle it if we were to take a bus to school every morning? His school starts at 8am, so we may have to leave our house as early as 7:15am! And this means all of us have to wake up at 6am.

To make the situation worst, there is no direct bus from our home to his school. We need to take two buses in order to reach his school. Not forgetting our helper – she needs to go to my parents-in-law’s house when Edison is at school. Obviously, bus is not a feasible option.

After rounds of discussions with Daddy V, we decided to buy a second car. I will ferry Little Edison to school and our helper to my parents-in-law’s house in the morning. It’s definitely more expensive with a car but there are other intangible things that we can’t put a value on, such as time-savings when we don’t need to wait for a bus, comfort level, convenience as well as safety.


But now, a new problem has surfaced. You might have heard of the condo carpark crunch issue in the newspaper two months ago. Now, our condo is hit by this parking woe too. The management office issued a notice that they no longer have sufficient parking spaces to meet the demands of car-owning residents.

Each unit is allocated only one carpark lot. Residents need to apply for the second car label from the management office every three months. Now, a notice has been issued that this second car label is a privilege, not an entitlement. It will be issued on a first-come-first-serve basis until the limit is reached.

It’s nerve-wrecking. What if we couldn’t get our second car label? Where should I park my car? I foresee that this will be an on-going issue. A nightmare that will haunt us every three months. Arghhh, I hate it!


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At least you can still drive. i’ve been holding my driving license since teenage years. never drive on road before. i still scared. but my mum who only got her license when she was in 50s, assured me, if i give it a try again, sure can pick up. but i still haven got the courage, no need to say parking, on the road i may have problem.. sob.

yeah heard abt the condo parking issues, esp those near mrt will have lesser lots. headache ya !


Goodness.. my sister is staying in EC, thought only EC has this issue. Are your staying in EC or condo? Well, I think we really hv too many cars on the road and this is bad for our planet. 🙁