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For Daddy V, being a dad is the greatest blessing in his life. He always says that there is nothing better than coming home after a long day and being greeted by our dear son. He fully understands the importance of spending quality time with his son no matter how tired he is.

Traditionally, fathers don’t spend much time with their children due to lack of time and opportunity. Fathers are busy at work while mothers run the home. I grew up in such family; as a result, I’m not close to my father.

But now, I’m glad that my husband is a hands-on daddy who is good in helping out with the kid. Even from the early days, he accompanied me to the gynae without being told. He cooked and did all the house works when I was heavily pregnant. He was there for me whenever I needed him and that matters the most.

There are a few areas that Daddy V is good at; I call them his core competencies. He is our perfect driver. Amid being impatient, he is very good in driving directions. He ferries us around whenever he is available – from school to enrichment class, to the doctor, shopping malls, parks and assorted trips. Even when I’ve my own car now, he still ferries me to my office when he is free.

Secondly, he is a prudent shopper. Don’t be surprised to see him cutting out promotion coupons. His favorite section of the newspaper is supermarket advertisements. Where to get the cheapest prawn – NTUC, Shop N Save or Cold Storage? He definitely has the answer! Oh, have I mentioned about his collection of discount cards yet? Seriously, I bought him a name card holder to keep his discount cards. You can imagine how many cards he has.

Thirdly, he cooks very well too. Whenever he is inspired, he will cook up a storm. We tuck into a piping hot meal and in the comfort of our own home. It’s heavenly! He uses herbs and spices effectively in his cooking. On the downside, he is capable of turning the kitchen upside down with his kitchen experiments.

I’m really grateful to him and all his husbandly quirks. He is truly a godsend!

To all the daddies out there – Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy this special day with your loved ones this weekend.


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Emily, u r very lucky !.. my hubby is the type must ask then will move..he is not the type will automatic do things unless SUPERLY obvious. haaa.. One thing i feel proud of him is that he loves our kids very much and willing to do anything to entertain them and spend all his time with them. well. i guess i cant ask too much from him as he always say he is man, which means cannot multitask.. *eyes rolling*..