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Dietary Guideline for a Three Years Old

Every child should eat a well-balanced diet that comprises a variety of nutrient-dense foods. However, during childhood, some children tend to become fussy with food, reject certain foods or eat very little. This phase of pickiness may last for just a few days or it may go on for a while.

Our Little Edison became fussy with food after he turned two. When he was 1+ years old, he ate oatmeal everyday. My MIL cooked oatmeal with fish, chicken or pork with different types of vegetables. He loves them.

After a year, he decided that he had enough of oatmeal and he rejected the food totally. He will scream if we attempt to feed him with oatmeal again. From there on, he eats bread, noodles, biscuits or soft-boiled eggs for his lunch and dinner. He doesn’t like porridge or rice, and he rarely eats them.

As a full-time working mother, it is quite a challenge for me to ensure that he takes proper meals everyday. As a matter of fact, my MIL prepares the meals for Little Edison on the weekdays and I leave it all in her good hands. On the weekends, I will cook for him if we are not going out.

I put up this little chart in my kitchen. It serves as a reference for me – every time I prepare meals for Little Edison. It’s nice to look at, isn’t it? =)

This information is extracted from ‘Birth to Eighteen Years – Dietary Tips for Your Child’s Well-Being’, published by Health Promotion Board.


3 to 6 Years Old

Rice and Alternatives (3 – 4 servings per day): Two slices of bread, ½ bowl of noodles, 4 plain biscuits and 1 cup of plain cornflakes 






Fruit (1 serving per day): one small orange 





Vegetables (1 serving per day): ¾ mug of cooked leafy vegetables 





Meat and Alternatives (1 serving per day): one palm-sized fish or lean meat.





Milk (500ml) and Water (6 to 8 glasses)

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