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Father’s Day Dinner

We had a simple Father’s Day celebration – a buffet dinner at Pearl River Palace Cantonese Restaurant with my parents-in-law and brother-in-law, Kenneth.

We’ve been to Pearl River for buffet lunch several times, and I’ve the impression that their food is wonderful. The restaurant is quite spacious, with tables well spread apart. I like the dessert and fruits section, where they are laid-out as a buffet spread so that diners can help themselves. The restaurant staffs are warm and friendly too.

However, I’ve to say that their menu for buffet dinner is sadly lacking. There wasn’t any crab in the menu. The serving size was too little. We ordered a plate of salmon sashimi and it came with only six pieces. We had to re-order for at least five times!

The other dishes were just ordinary, nothing much to rave about – except for the roast pork. It’s so crispy, juicy and not oily. I had a whole plate of it all by myself!

After the dinner, we took a family photo at the restaurant’s lobby. Our cheeky Little Edison refused to sit on the sofa with us. He went all the way to the front.

(In the photo) From left: my BIL – Kenneth, my MIL, Daddy V, ME and my FIL. Front row: Little Edison. Kenneth is Little Edison’s godfather; he is commonly addressed as Godpa Kenneth in this blog.

Even though the food wasn’t fantastic, but I certainly enjoy eating together as a family!


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Godpa Kenneth

Our Family Photo. The dinner at Pearl River was marvellous. We had servings of : 1) Steamed Sea Bass in HK Style, 2) Peking Duck, 3) Stewed Herbal Duck served in Claypot, 4) Buddha Jump Over The Wall (individual serving) 5) Steamed LIVE Prawns in Chinese Wine 6) Salmon Sashimi 7) Beef Brisket served with Turnip 8) Stir Fried Lamp with Black Pepper 9) Roasted Combination Plate (Braised Chicken meets Char-Siew) 10) Wasabi Prawns 11) Roasted Pork ( STAR Dish !!! A must have, must try and must re-order !!!) On that Saturday night, in addition to the above, we… Read more »