Frizz Off!

Frizzy hair is a pain in the butt; I know what a nightmare it can be to find suitable nourishing hair products to save our frizzy and unmanageable hair.

Do you know what actually causes the frizz? High humidity, dryness, split ends, static, product build-up and a bad haircut are the primary causes to frizzy hair. To prevent frizz, using the right shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment or serum are crucial.

These are the products that I’m using, and they are the best frizz-fighting products that I’ve ever tried:

From left:

  1. L’OREAL Professional liss ultime shine perfecting serum
  2. L’OREAL Professional liss ultime smoothing treatment for unmanageable hair
  3. Cure Pod home leave-in treatment (from Phase Hairdressing)
  4. Hair Rebuilder (from Phase Hairdressing)
  5. HERGEN Hair Salon Concept leave-in treatment for color, treated, permed and stressed hair (from Jean Yip)
  6. BIO TRAITMENT Repair Mask (from Jean Yip)


I use BIO TRAITMENT repair mask (#6) as my hair conditioner. This mask is amazing and I would highly recommend it. Since it is a hair mask, the texture is thick. I mix it with water in another tub (80% mask + 20% water) and I use it as my daily hair conditioner. It really nourishes and moisturizes my long hair.

I also use it as hair mask during the weekends. I apply a generous amount onto my hair and leave it for 30 minutes before rinsing it off. Note: when I use it as hair mask, I don’t mix it with water. Hair mask is meant to be thick so that it will not drip when you leave it on your hair.

I guarantee you will love this hair mask! My hair feels so soft after shower and with minimal tangles. Easy to comb and also less breakage! This hair mask is available at Jean Yip salon, priced at $92 for a 1000ml bottle. One bottle lasts me for about 3 months with daily use.

I have four different types of leave-in treatment that I use on alternate days (#2 to #5). The best of among the four brands is Cure Pod home leave-in treatment (#3) that I bought from Phase Hairdressing salon. It provides moisture without weighing my hair down. My hair remains soft, frizz-free and light throughout the day! Alternatively, you can also try HERGEN Hair Salon Concept leave-in treatment (#5), $28 per bottle, from Jean Yip salon.

Leave-in treatment is the most important step in my hair care routine that I’ll never leave the house without it.

As the final step, I apply one pump of L’OREAL Professional liss ultime serum (#1) onto my hair for a shiny and polished finished.

Hopelessly frizzy hair? Bad hair days? Er, not me. 🙂


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Huey Ling

Wow, u really spend alot of effort in grooming yrself. For me, how I wish everything can be completed in seconds.