Kid’s Fun Ride at Changi Airport

If you are a regular visitor to Changi Airport T3, you may have seen the Kid’s Fun Ride at Carpark 3A located at Basement 2.

A huge part of this carpark has been transformed into an amusement paradise for children’s car rides with circuits of varying levels of difficulties. There is a wide range of electronic children’s cars, from mini sedan, jeeps, police cars and racing cars, to motorbikes and giant inflatable animal cars. It’s a wonderful place for toddlers, young children as well as parents.

Charges for the various rides range from $3 to $8. At a start, Little Edison chose the green sedan. There is an accelerator pedal and steering wheel, just like a real car! He needs to step on the accelerator pedal and steer the steering wheel to get it going. We taught him how to drive. He struggled with the steering wheel for a while before he managed to get his car under-control.

Then, he wanted to drive a bigger red car. This car comes with a remote-control, thus it’s slightly more expensive. We can control the moment of the car using the remote-control. This car is suitable for young toddler who is still unable to handle the accelerator pedal. Parents can also ride with their children on the giant inflatable animal cars, which cost $8 per ride.

The circuit area is nicely decorated with inflatable palm trees and cartoon animal figurines. As the area is located in the carpark, it is quite warm – although there are many big fans around. During the weekends, this place is packed with visitors. You may expect a little waiting time.

Here are some pictures of our aspiring little driver.

  • The Kid’s Fun Ride is located at Terminal 3, Carpark 3A (Basement 2).
  • It is opened from 11.00am to 10.00pm daily.
  • Charges for the various rides range from $3 to $8.


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