Little Edison Talks

He talks so much these days. I noticed a huge difference in his speech now than few months ago. His speech is much more sophisticated and he is able to sustain conversations. His expressions can be mind-blowing.

He likes to ask questions, “Why like that?”, “Where is it?” and “How come?” He wants answers to his questions. Sometimes it can be really hard work when we are too tired or not in the mood for conversation.

He uses a variety of prepositions in his speech like, “in the car”, “on the table” etc. Sometimes, he doesn’t use the personal pronoun correctly. When he wants to brush his teeth, he’ll say “You want to brush your teeth!” It’s quite funny.

He is learning new vocabulary from people around him everyday. He listens to us when we talk. Last night, he told me “the moon disappeared”. I made him repeated the word “disappeared” for three times before I finally catch the word. Initially, it sounded something like “beat-a-beer” to me. I was so surprised that he can pronounce such a difficult word.

When he is in the mood, he can talk non-stop. Now, I hear him talking again…

“I go market. I go market buy ice-cream. I bring money”, he walks around the house, carrying a kettle with him. He looks so funny.

I really enjoy all the kiddy talks with him.

What are the funny little phrases you hear from your kiddos recently? Share them with me, I love to hear them.


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4 thoughts on “Little Edison Talks

    1. Hi Shirley,
      This “ah goo-goo” thing is the cutest baby word! I can still remember how excited I was when Edison said his first “ah goo-goo”. I even attempted to record it with my mobile phone. Haha!

  1. Just to share ..

    This was what happened last night ..

    Daddy (who was unable to sleep) decided to go disturb the girls who are already sound asleep ..

    Daddy: Evangeline & Elyssa, can Daddy share share bed with you?

    Evangeline: No (proceed to turn to one side and continue sleeping)

    Elyssa: No, you go share share bed with Issac (their younger brother) or you go back Mummy room and share share Mummy bed *laughs* (Notice how Daddy got no place in our house to call his own)

    1. Hi Flower Mummy,
      Haha! That’s funny! Poor Daddy must be sad 🙁 My hubby likes to disturb Edison too when he couldn’t get to sleep. And I’ll push him away…

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