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Review: Vitacreme B12

I’ve been using this cream for a month now, and here is my review ?

How I use this cream?

I use it as my night cream, replacing SK-II skin refining treatment. After face wash, I wipe my face with Beauty de Kose Ultimation Clear Softener, a fantastic product to prevent clogged pores. Then, I apply my toner and Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion. After the lotion dries up, I apply Vitacreme B12 as the final step.

The texture of this cream is very smooth and light. It is pink in color, and it has a light floral scent. Quite a pleasant smell, I would say. It works best when we massage the cream onto our face. I found the step-by-step massage technique from the internet to share with you.

This cream can also be used as day cream or make-up base. I tried using it during the day, but it tends to make my skin feels greasy after a few hours. Perhaps, it’s due to my oily skin. Thus, I stopped using it as day cream and I only use it at night.

After using this cream for the first week, I had a mini break-out! I spotted three zits near my chin area. I couldn’t be sure whether it is due to the cream or my menstruation. As a result, I stopped using it until my menstruation was over and the zits are cleared.

Two weeks later, I gave it a second try. This time, I only use it at night. I’ve been using it consistently as my night cream for one month now. I’m glad to say that I see visible improvement in skin smoothness, hydration and elasticity. Fine lines are gradually diminished too. It didn’t break me out this time.

I love the feeling after I wash my face in the morning. My skin feels so soft and dewy. It is a wonderful moisturizer, it really hydrates my skin. However, if I were to compare this cream to SK-II skin refining treatment, this cream doesn’t help much in shrinking my pores.

All in all, I feel that this Swiss product really worth a try. Considering the many benefits that it can offer, this cream is only priced at SGD40+. Very affordable. As I only use it once a day, one tube can lasts me for at least 4 months. I will continue to use it in long-term, hopefully I can see more dramatic improvements on my skin.

Note: If you missed out my earlier post on Vitacreme B12, please check it out HERE.


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Hi, may i know my many ml is ur vitacreme? 50 or 200? thanks alot =)

It has got salicylic acid, does it help to remove ur dead cell ? I just place an order from Strawberry 😀 Thanks for ur review

Niko Wong

Would like to check with u where can we get e vita b12? $? N for e Kose clear softerner iznt good? I’m prone to black heads.trying to find a gd pdt to reduce it.Thk u!

Hope to hear fr u soon,