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As Father’s Day is approaching, it’s high time to pay special tribute to the countless contributions of our dear husbands and daddies.

Fathers of yesteryear were often uninvolved in childcare, as the mothers did them all. But these days, our husbands are a much more hands-on bunch of caregivers. We should be grateful to them.

I realize just how lucky I am when I hear stories of mothers losing sleep because their husbands expect their maids, or worse, their wives to do everything. Come on, marriage is between equals. How can they expect the working mother with a demanding job or even a stay-at-home mother to do everything, from managing the household to ferrying the kids to school, preparing for their meals, coaching them in their studies and so on?

Daddy V is pretty good about managing the household, cooking and grocery shopping. Give him the list and he’ll get it all sorted. Most importantly, he knows where to get the cheapest brand! So, I leave this task in his good hands and we never run out of stocks.

I must also applaud him for his calm and patience in dealing with Little Edison’s tantrums. I get irritated easily and I keep telling myself not to shout at Little Edison especially in the public. But it’s not easy. On the other hand, Daddy V never raises his voice and he will try all means to calm him down.

The last and most important point to highlight is his determination to get something for Little Edison. I’m talking about important issues like health and education. For instance, when we managed to find his current pre-school in Sept last year, its name list was already full. We were at number 10+ in the waiting list.

I almost wanted to give-up but Daddy V worked his way to secure the place for Little Edison. We feel that this pre-school is the best among the few that we’ve visited. It took him almost three months to complete his mission. We were confirmed a place in the morning session (also our first choice) just two weeks before the school started. He continually amazed me with his strong determination.

He is certainly a better daddy today than three years ago. Through the ups and downs, he continues to learn and improve. He ought to get a big pat on his back.

Dear – thanks for being such a wonderful daddy! We really do appreciate it.


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