Bird’s Nest or Collagen Supplement

I have a confession to make today.

I seriously think that I’ve reached an age where skin care is QUEEN and any product that can help to battle fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin would get my attention.

Besides skin care products, I also believe in ‘beauty from within’. That simply means paying attention to what we put into our body and not just what we put on it. The key is to achieve great skin by staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet (especially food that is rich in anti-oxidants) and taking beauty supplements to tackle specific beauty concerns.

Recently, I went to Eu Yan Sang to purchase some health supplement for my mother-in-law. I saw their premium concentrated bird’s nest series on the shelf. When I saw these words on the packaging – best rejuvenating supplement and maintain glowing completion, I was totally sold!

In our Chinese history, the empresses and concubines ate bird’s nest for health and beauty. Bird’s nest is one of the best tonic foods trusted by generations. But is it really that good as compared to those collagen supplements that we have now?

Now, I’m wondering which one is better… Bird’s Nest or Collagen Supplement? What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Bird’s Nest or Collagen Supplement

  1. i choose bird nest. more natural i guess. i still not so adventurous in trying out those collagen supplement.. will it have side effect in long run ? at least i know bird nest wont. since we have been taking it so long even our mother’s generation..

  2. Bird’s Nest is good for skin because of its Collagen. Other than Collagen, it also contains rich water soluble protein and EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) then helps to strength skin.

    Why go for Collagen Supplement, where it probably contains only Collagen?

    Bird’s Nest is the best. Personally, I don’t like bottled bird’s nest. why?
    because all bottled drinks all come with ‘permitted preservative’ and expiry date. Everybody know that preservative is not too good for health. So why go for that?

    Even you want to go for those dry pre-cook bird’s nest, there is a problem.
    I recently read a newspaper article about chemically bleached bird’s nest.

    To my surprise, AVA Singapore says that bird’s nest in Singapore contains human edible chemical bleaching agent.

    1. Hi Mico,
      I don’t think there is any side effect for collagen supplement. Otherwise, they won’t be so popular. Anyway, I’ve been taking Meiji Amino Collagen for a month and I don’t really feel any effects yet. I tried Fancl many years ago. I can still remember that it was quite effective, but the downside is that it is too pricey.

      Hi Serene,
      Wow, you’re so knowledgable about bird’s nest. Thanks for sharing the info. I heard about chemically bleached bird’s nest before. Thus, if we want to buy the raw bird’s nest, it is so important to go for trusted shops or brands. I’m going to try the concentrated bird’s nest from Eu Yan Sang after completing my current stock of Meiji Amino Collagen.

      Hi Shirley,
      It seems like everyone is picking bird’s nest too. Trusted by generations, it really is. 🙂

  3. Hi Emily,

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