Clarins Shaping Facial Lift

Clarins is promoting a shaping facial lift lipo-drain serum, especially designed for Asian women to “lift” and rejuvenate the face. It contains plant extracts that promise to eliminate excess fat, activate drainage and microcirculation to relieve puffiness. It also contains Vitamin C derivatives that help to control pigmentation.

I was so tempted to try out this product after watching its TV commercial. Have you seen the TV commercial? If not, here’s the clip from YouTube. Enjoy!

Amazing, isn’t it?

I ordered the serum and two others products to try out – Clarins White Plus Renewing Gentle Exfoliator and Pore Minimizing Serum. They were delivered to my office this morning. Yay! Can’t wait to try them.

If the results are good, I’ll write up a review on my blog. =)

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hello,,, i really want to try this product, but i’m afraid it won’t work so i’m a bit hesitant to purchase it. Did u already try it? how is it?



let us know .. cos i feel like trying too hee..


Yeah..really wanna noe the result..hope u can update that..i’m kinda have a round face..n big pores at my face..if this stuff really works… a minute will place that in my room hehee


Emily..can i know where you bought that? through online? right? i can’t find that products in Terengganu you know (~~”)


Thanks for the info..but I’ve bought that at Kuala lumpur last week.. (^^) really can’t wait to try, but can i ask u how to apply it, i’m quite confused..should we apply the cream at our hand then perform all that position of auto lifting? or we apply that at our face then later we perform all that massaging techniques? =P sorry for bothering you~