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Edison – 2 Years, 10 Months

Little Edison is still going through the ‘Terrible Two’ stage. Sometimes, it can be frustrating and makes me want to scream and claw my hair out. People keep telling me that he will grow out of this stage soon. I believe there are some truths in it. The situation is certainly better now as compared to a year ago.

It could be because I’ve learnt how to deal with his tantrums. I used to yell at the top of my lungs, but I realized that yelling will make him defy me even more. I learnt to maintain my calmness and talk to him when he is doing wrong. Tell him in short simple sentences that what he did was wrong, why it was wrong and remind him not to repeat again. Somehow, it really works. It’s magic!

Sometimes, Daddy V has to work on weekends. When Daddy is not around, I’ve lots of one-to-one time with Little Edison. It’s really valuable and he is a completely different boy when I give him my full attention. He talks funny things and makes me laugh. He is polite, cheerful and talkative.

When Daddy is working, I bring him to the public library. He loves reading books, listen to stories and interact with other children. He is an absolute darling – well-behaved in the quiet setting in the library! I’m glad that he loves reading as much as I do too.

At school, he loves being outdoor. His teacher mentioned that he is playful and energetic. During the outdoor play last week, he ran too fast and his teachers couldn’t catch him. He tripped and knocked his head. Luckily, it was minor. He didn’t cry.

He talks a lot now and he loves to sing too. He can sing a few songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Ten Little Aeroplanes, Old MacDonald (partial) etc. I burst into laughter every time I hear him sing. He is just too CUTE.

Two more months to his third birthday. Is there any Terrible Three? I so needed to know.


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