Family Day at Universal Studios

Today, I received a very special e-mail with the subject “Family Day at Universal Studios Singapore” from the Recreation Committee in my company.

I don’t know if I should be happy or not – because I just visited the place last weekend! It was Family Day for Daddy V’s company and we got free admission tickets, meal and shopping vouchers for the event.

Now, my company decides to hold our Family Day at Universal Studios too. Cool! It will be held in September or October this year, but the event date is not confirmed yet. Yay, we have a chance to visit Universal Studios again this year and for FREE.

I want to go to this place again –

I can’t remember exactly the name of this place – where we stopped for dinner. It’s located at the Lost World. From the Universal Studios website, I think it’s called Fossil Fuels.

We ordered two combo meals and one kid’s meal for Little Edison. The kid’s meal comes with a red Woody Woodpecker lunch box (see picture above). It’s very cute and useful for weekend outings. The portion of the kid’s meal is quite large too – enough for an adult if he/she is not a big-eater. I should have ordered three kid’s meals, instead of combo meals. Then, I will get two more lunch boxes for my niece and nephew. It’s my mistake. Sigh.

The food is not fantastic but I do love that Woody Woodpecker lunch box. Ha! If you happen to visit Universal Studios, do check out this place and the lovely lunch box.


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tames October 2, 2010 at 4:43 PM

How much is the price for a kids meal? And you don’t have to go to fossil fuels again to get it, you could go to discovery food court, goldilock’s or mel’s drive in

Emily October 3, 2010 at 10:17 PM

Hi Tames,
You r right. On my second visit, I discovered that this woody woodpecker lunch box is available in all the restaurants. The price of the kid’s meal is $8.80.


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