Farm Visit in Singapore

Last weekend, we decided to bring Little Edison for farm visit. For a farm-starved city boy like him, he finds the farm visit very exciting. In my point of view, it’s really an eye-opener and educational trip for him.

Our first destination was Mainland Tropical Fish Farm located at No. 1 Pasir Ris Farmway 1. Longkang fishing, live prawn fishing, fish spa therapy and farm tour are available here. We also saw a few giant fishes in the tank. These giant fishes are the biggest that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I forgot to take a picture of them. It’s indeed quite scary to see such a big fish in close-up view.

Little Edison had an exciting experience watching the turtles, frogs, ducks, chickens, geese and koi fishes here.

We spent about an hour here before we head to Kid’s Kampong located at No. 11 Pasir Ris Farmway 1, Aqua Fauna Centre. This place is known for its longkang fishing. The weather was wonderful that day, it wasn’t sunny, it was windy but there was no rain.

The admission fee is $10 per person for 1 hour of longkang fishing, two packets of fish feed to fish the koi fishes (in the feeding station), a bottle of mineral water and a cup of ice-cream. Young children can be accompanied with one adult (meaning: the accompanying adult doesn’t have to pay for admission fee). We paid an additional $4 for a net and bucket to use for fishing. The net and bucket are re-usable for our next visit.

There is a feeding station next to the longkang area where there are koi fishes, rabbits, chickens, ducks and geese. The entrance fee is $1 per person and we are given a packet of animal feed.

In total, we paid $15 for our visit. $10 admission for Little Edison (me and Daddy took turn to accompany him into the longkang area), $4 for the net and bucket and $1 for the rabbit feed.

It was my first time trying out longkang fishing, and I realized that it is tougher than it looks. The fishes are so tiny, but they are all excellent swimmers. I spent the first ten minutes with Little Edison but I couldn’t get a single fish. I gave up, it’s too tough.

Daddy V took over. Within fifteen minutes, he caught seven fishes. Little Edison was extremely excited; he carried the bucket of fishes and followed his Daddy around. We ended our longkang fishing in about 45 minutes with a total of 11 fishes. We walked to the packing counter. The uncle packed our fishes into a plastic bag and he filled the bag with oxygen that will last for 6 hours.

We went to the feeding station to feed the koi fishes, rabbits, chicken and geese. Those animals were terribly hungry – especially the koi. The moment you sprinkle the fish feed into the pond, the koi fishes fought among each other to get the food. Little Edison loves feeding the koi and rabbits.

We had such a fun day interacting with the animals. We will definitely make another farm trip next month.

  1. If you are interested to visit the animal farms, please remember to bring along your mosquito repellent.
  2. Kid’s Kampong is opened to the public on weekends. If you intend to visit the place on weekdays, it’s better to call them to check if there are any school groups on that day – to avoid over-crowding.
  3. The place is quite warm, do dress lightly. And bring lots of water for the kids.


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