First Class Excursion

Today is Little Edison’s first class excursion. It is a supermarket tour to City Square Mall. There will also be magic show and outdoor playground activities. Lunch will be at MacDonald’s. It will be a six-hour program from 8am to 2pm.

When we received the registration form from the school last week, we were in two minds about signing him up for the excursion. Initially, I thought that it is a parent-accompanied excursion. But apparently, it is NOT. The school will arrange school bus for the children to travel to and from City Square Mall. Parents can pick up their children from school at 2pm.

The theme for this term’s learning is fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the supermarket tour is to enhance their learning and give them an opportunity to see for themselves things that they learn in school. It is quite educational actually.

But but but…

Little Edison is not even THREE. Will he be able to take care of himself without our presence? His naptime is at 11:30am everyday. What if he is sleepy and cranky? Can he endure till 2pm? Will he get frustrated if he is not allowed to explore on his own in the supermarket? What if he is lost? He likes to run about in the supermarket too. What if he fall down and knock his head?

There are endless question marks in my mind. I’m a great worrier, I admit. I worry about pretty much anything and everything about Little Edison participating in the excursion on his own.

At the end, I decided NOT to allow him to participate. If only it’s a parent-accompanied excursion, I’ll definitely say YES and tag along.

So, Little Edison is at Grandma’s house today. No school. No excursion.


8 thoughts on “First Class Excursion

  1. Hi,

    Just to share my bit. my girl’s school organised an outing in July to Botanic garden. no parents accompanied. Her school theme for that month is about picnic. initially, im quite half-hearted too, but hubby and i decided to let her have her first school excursion after knowing othe rmummy sign up for their kids too.

    At the end, we were glad we let her go, as she is so excited over the picnic and talk about it when she came home.

    maybe you are not ready yet, but nowadays nursery /kindergarten will have such outing onece or twice a year. eventually u will let him try on his own.


    1. Hi Mico,
      Glad to hear that your girl enjoyed herself during the picnic. I don’t have a chance to talk to other mommies in his class. Not sure how is the attendance. But we all feel that he is still way too young to join the school excursion. Perhaps, next year, we will allow him to join. 🙂

  2. It is a pity you didn’t let your son go. He would have enjoyed himself, although a trip to the shopping mall is not as educational as a trip to the park and also can be quite unsafe with the escalator and high floors.

    My daughter’s school organises excursions almost monthly and the teachers take good care of them. In fact, she behaves herself in such group settings due to peer pressure of conforming to rules set and group norms. You will find that the children listen to instructions and do not run away, cause trouble etc.

    Your son is growing up fast, and you will be surprised how resilient he can be without you or your husband around. Im beginning to realise how independent my daughter can be.

    Try to let go a little more, so your son doesn’t miss out on the fun activities the school has to offer.

    1. Hi Caz,
      Wow, your daughter’s school has excursion so frequently? I think for Edison’s school – only once or twice a year. This is the first time.
      I was worried about the escalators too. For this excursion, the morning and afternoon sessions will be combined. Thus, I’m worried that the children may get out-of-hand.
      Next year, I think I’ll have more confident to allow my boy to join these school excursions. Thanks for your advice.

  3. Wonder what I’ll do when it’s my turn, my son is only eleven months and I have been putting myself in many “what-ifs” situations :p
    Hubby always thinks I am quite paranoid haha

    1. Hi Irene,
      You still have one year to think about it. Haha! Anyway, it depends on the individual children. If your boy is independent, you may consider letting him try. But usually boys are hyper-active and they make us “bu fang xin”.

  4. Frankly, in my opinion, I’m also not for such outings unless I tag along. But if I tag along then what’s the fun for the little one?

    I remember when we were kids, outings were limited to Primary school but now they start as young as 2! Frankly, with so many kids, I hardly doubt the teacher is able to have her eyes everywhere. But,we, being mothers, can do 10,000 things at 1 time and still have our eyes on them. My son is very active and like you, I still do not think he is ready to venture on his own. Mummy, trust your instincts, a mummy’s instincts are never wrong.

    Furthermore, wat’s the hurry for them to be rushed to grow up and be independent? They are really only 3? This topic has been on our worry list for the longest time! Haha! Good you brought it up, at least I’m not alone!

    Was just telling hb that the next thing to think about is when they come back from pri sch when they are in pri 1 and tell me they want to go to some 3rd world country for exchange prog! I’m not against that but can you imagine letting your child venture out there on his own? I will definitely say no till he is older.

    I think there is always a season for things and time that we let go and let them grow within their areas of maturity. 🙂

    Good post! Your posts are always thought provoking.. oops.. I think I talked too much! Haha!

    1. Hi Tona-mama,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject.

      When I received the registration form, I discussed with my hubby and parents-in-law. All of us think that Little Edison is too young to venture on this excursion on his own. We are all concerned about his safety and level of independence. At the end, we decided to give it a miss. It’s just not the right time yet. As what you said, there is always a season for things. I agree.

      My neighbour’s daughter just came back from Hong Kong for the student-exchange program. She is still in Primary school. Gosh, I really had a culture shock. I thought only university students go for exchange program. But now, even primary school students have exchange program. If you ask me, I probably will not allow Little Edison to go to some 3rd world country for the exchange program too.

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