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The time has come for my most dreaded parenting task – that is to bring Little Edison to the barber shop.

Making him sit still for a few minutes to have his hair cut is a huge challenge. He is anxious whenever he is being confined in a hair-cutting apron. He hates it when the prickly pieces of hair fall on his neck and shoulder.

When he was younger, he would scream, cry and struggle until the whole hair-cutting episode was over. I wrote about our first experience HERE.

After a few rounds of haircut, the situation gets slightly better now. He still hates it, but he doesn’t struggle. We go to the same barber shop and choose the same hair stylist to attend to him. As he is more familiar with the environment now, he is more relaxed – lesser amount of turning and twisting.

We tried many attention diversion tactics to divert his attention from the haircutting process. From his favorite toys to mobile phone and TV, they don’t really help much. Recently, we found our ‘secret weapon’.

It’s a lollipop!

As he was happily eating his lollipop (a reward for sitting still), the hair stylist gave him the best haircut ever.

This is Little Edison – after a haircut and shower. I like his hair to be short and neat.

What about your kids? Do they hate haircut too?


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In order to get shawn to “enjoy” his haircut, we went for expensive haircuts of $20 at those kiddy salons which entice him with BALLOON and a STICKER page. It works coz he wanted the stickers badly. Our strategy was to let him be used to cutting his hair with no fuss a few times so when he overcome the fear, we head for the barber.

Mine just had his head shaved botak by his granddad haha cos I wanted to spare him the agony


Hi Emily,

Just share wf u..I cut my boys’ hair myself..just simple kind of triming..hehe..hair cut every 3 weeks…since they were 3 mths old..haha..can c how much I have saved..hehe..