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IKEA Mini Kitchen

This is his favorite toy at the moment. Every weekend, Little Edison will ask us to bring him to IKEA as he wants to play with the mini kitchen.

This DUKTIG mini-kitchen really looks like a real kitchen. It has a sink, water tap, induction cooker and cabinet. A top section cabinet is sold separately; it can be attached to the mini kitchen for a more versatile kitchen for play. The total price of these two items is $178.

To complete the kitchen, we can buy the DUKTIG coffee / tea set, cookware set, kitchen utensils, baking set as well as cutleries.

It’s really cool.

The play area in IKEA children’s department was very crowded last weekend. Little Edison didn’t have a chance to play with the mini-kitchen. With a super disappointed look, he walked to Daddy V and said, “Ah An (his Chinese pet name) don’t have a space to play because many people. Papa buy the kitchen for Ah An.”

He was asking Daddy V to buy the mini-kitchen for him! Of course, Daddy V hesitated because he has so many toys at home.

When he finally had a chance to play, he was so delighted. He said to me “The plate is dusty. Ah An wash the plate.”


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