Late Night Musings of a Mother

It’s 11:30pm now as I write this post. I’m so heartbroken, and thus I couldn’t sleep. I’ve been struggling with Little Edison’s bad behaviours for the past two nights.

I’m exhausted, rundown and I’m lost.

When bedtime came, he refused to go to sleep. He wanted to play with the helper. So, I gave him another ten minutes allowance to play. After that, he wanted to read story books with me. I took a deep breath and I tried to be patient with him. So, we spent another 15 minutes reading story books.

The clock struck ten, I asked him to go to sleep (again). Now, he wanted to read flash cards. He took out the flash cards from the cabinet. I was so mad when he ignored my request for the third time. I put the flash cards on his bed, asked him to read on his own and I walked out of the room. He started crying when I ignored him.

Five minutes later, he cried even louder and screamed. I pulled him out of the room and asked him to stand at the main door. I opened the door and asked him to continue to cry and scream as loud as he can. And I threaten to call the security guards if the neighbors complain about his noise.

With a harsh voice full of anger, I scolded him. I tried to refrain myself from spanking him. My patience level reached its maximum, and I felt that things are getting out of control. I don’t know how to discipline my own son. For a moment, I felt so sad and useless.

When his crying episode finally ended, he was so tired and sleepy. I carried him and pat him on his back. He leaned on my shoulder and fell asleep. I put him on his bed, and I looked at him. His face was red and his eyes were teary. I was so heartbroken.

What is wrong with him? Why doesn’t he listen to me? I love him so dearly, but he pushed me over the edge and made me feel completely out of resources to deal with his misbehavior.


Deep in my heart, I know that he isn’t bad. He is just playful. At this age, he is at a developmental stage of experimenting with ideas about rules and boundaries. I tried to console myself.

I need a good parenting book on how to deal with discipline and kids. I desperately need a new perspective before I turn my house into a crazy circus show!


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heys! don’t worry…it’s normal for toddlers to push their limits. my lil girl does that too, often, actually. But what i usually do is to stand firm on my expectations/rules. I’ll usually give a firm ‘No’, after which i’ll usually expect her to start jumping angrily or burst out in tears. We’ll always give her a hug in the midst of her tears, but refuse to give in. So we usually stay put until she gets over it. it’s a lil unbearable, but the long term benefits are worth it. She knows mummy means it and won’t change her mind,… Read more »


Hi Emily, My heart goes out to you and I really understand how you feel. I have a very active, playful and mischievous boy too. Not only that, he loves to challenge my authority and constantly pushes my patience. Not that I have a lot to start with. The past weeks, almost a month now, has been HELL for me! Like you, I’ve tried all ways but to no avail. At bad time, usually nearer the end of the day, I feel like crying when he does things against my wishes/instructions cos I really can’t take another ‘nonsense’ from him… Read more »


I’m a mum too of two little boys. I believe the key is consistency. We have an established bed-time routine that never deviates. Pyjamas at 6pm. Warm milk at 6.30. Toilet and bed at 7pm. Although they don’t like going to bed, they understand our expectations of them and realise that the routine is not going to change. I know you want to encourage Edison, because he’s wonderfully curious and interested in everything, but he needs his sleep. Getting him into a routine will be painful at first (he will cry, he will shout) but I’m confident that, within a… Read more »


We have good days and bad days with our 3 yo..sometimes my girl drives me up the wall too. and i always feel bad if i shouted at her and she cried, so i have since stop yelling or harsh to her like pull her out from room and stuff like that.. i try to talk to her instead like to an adult.. after awhile it helps now she dun cry whenever i prohibit her from doing somehing but she will instead reason with me.. which to me, is an improvement than all the yelling and crying.. it’s again, just… Read more »


hi, it’s really a passing phase. my 3.5yo did exactly what Edison did few months back. during that period, i even had to raise my voice or threaten to take out the cane just to get her to shower. she slept at 1130pm at times, even midnight once ot twice. she refused to wake up for sch the next morning because she slept late the previous night. so she cries every morning when i had to drag her to sch. by dinner time, she’s tired so she’s gets cranky, sometimes refuse dinner. then there’ll be another round of scolding and… Read more »


yap yap. it will improve gradually. these days she sleeps at 10, sometimes earlier. 🙂
jia you!