Real Mom’s Secret (Part 1)

I made an introduction of the book 12 Simple Secrets Real Moms Know by Michele Borba, Ed.D. two weeks ago. Do you still remember? If not, you can read the post here.

Today, I’m going to share with you the first part of the book. It talks about real mothering and how a real mom can give her children love that lasts forever. That’s exactly our wish, am I right?

Many mothers today are suffering from what can only be described as a kind of frenzy – an abnormally high level of busyness, tension, stress, anxiety and even panic. They’re overwhelmed trying to be a supermom, to fulfill the expectations placed on them.

Have they ever wonder if it’s worth all their time, energy and money that they’ve spent? Do their kids really benefit from all the splendid extracurricular activities, tutorials and enrichment classes that they are attending? Obsessive mothering is not helping the children to become happy and mature young adults, and may in fact be doing them more harm than good.

Dr. Borba talks about how our children’s and family’s lives have changed over the past two decades. We accelerated our parenting and hurried the pace even more. Growing number of kids are suffering from burn-out due to more activities and school works.

I stop and ponder for a while. Our children may have better quality of life, but their future is much more stressful than us. I couldn’t stop thinking of how much mothering has changed since our mom raised us. In my opinion, mothering doesn’t have to be this hard and stressful. It should be fun, rewarding and joyous.

How can we slow down? You may ask.

Part one of this book shows us how to make easy adjustments that can give a dramatic impact on the family. The true essence of real mother lies in who we are and how we connect with our children. Make a change if we are overwhelmed trying to become a supermom.

We can certainly raise happy and confident kids with good characters. And without the stress factor.


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