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Savor the Moments

“They grow up so fast!” is a phrase every new parent hears. It’s a phrase that is usually followed by some semblance of, “Savor every moment. Before you know it, they are gone.”

Last Saturday, we were at The Slide @ T3 Changi Airport. There is a height chart at the entrance. I told Little Edison to stand next to the height chart to take a picture. When he was next to the height chart, I noticed that he has exceeded the 90cm mark. Wow, I didn’t realize that my boy has grown this tall.

Little Edison has been growing in leaps and bounds in all aspects. It’s amazing to witness his growing-up each day. He is almost three years old now and weekend outing is much easier for us. No more milk bottles, diapers, cereals and stroller when we go out. And no more worries about late bedtimes too.

I can still remember those baby days. Those days were really hard – diapers, changing mat, milk bottle, milk powder, thermal flask, cereal, stroller and that big bulky and heavy diaper bag! Going for an outing is like fighting a war. Thankfully, we have a car. Otherwise, it’s really a huge challenge to take a public transport.

Today, I’m reminded to spend a little less time on the internet and a few more minutes with Little Edison. Watch Dora the Explorer, play a game, read a book or snuggle together on the coach, I’m reminded to savor the moments before they are gone.


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